Five Top Apps for Busy Entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs struggle with their busy schedules. The stress caused by this can lead to mental exhaustion and lack of motivation which is the last thing a startup owner needs. Here you can find five of the most useful apps for busy entrepreneurs which can help them get back on track.

This is a great app which can help busy entrepreneurs to organize their emails. After the users sign up, they are able to see a list with their subscriptions and instantly unsubscribe just with one click from whatever they no longer want. This app organizes your subscriptions in one place called the Rollup and the Rollup allows you to read what you want, when you want.



Entrepreneurs often see something which they would like to read but don’t have the time at the moment. So by using this app, you are able to put in your Pocket something which you’ve found and want to view later. Put articles, videos and pretty much everything in your Pocket and view it when you have the time.



Put all your finances in one place and manage your bills, credit cards and pretty much everything that is related with your money in one place and enjoy the clear view of your total financial life.



EchoSign is a great app which helps entrepreneurs to sigh important documents by using the e-signature they can trust. This app helps you to sign documents online in the fastest and most secure manner.



Entrepreneurs don’t have enough time to spend in the grocery stores and especially to read nutrition information in the labels. Fooducate allows you to scan the barcode of any product and helps you to find healthy foods. Stay on the top of your shape by making smarter food choices without spending much time doing that.


─ January 7, 2015