How to brainstorm a great startup name

Choosing the right name for your startup is very important step towards building a company and business brand. Entrepreneurs must spend the right amount of time to choose the perfect name for their businesses. Many people may think that this is the easiest part of the job, but only the ones who have done it know that it’s not as simple as it seems.

There are specific criteria which need to be taken under consideration from entrepreneurs in order to choose the most suitable, catchy and unique name for their startup – accordance, appropriateness, availability and so on.

The name you chose for your business is one of the most important foundations for building strong brand. Make sure that it is attractive, easy to remember, interesting and, last but not least, related to your business. Start creating the name you would like to use by establishing a list of key words. Don’t get discouraged if the name you think is the perfect fit for your startup is already taken – there are some tricks which can help you overcome this frustrating situation.

It is good to be literal in order to create a clear name for the business, but avoid being boringly literal or too generalized in your choice. Try to look for synonym words which can largely expand your list of suggestions. You can also try to form an acronym by using specific key words for the base of your acronym. There is easy accessible free software and acronym creating apps (Acronym Creator is on App Store) which can be very useful for this task. Your perfect name can be just a click away.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different variations of the words – misspell a word by changing a letter, adding a letter or removing a letter. Many company names have been created by using this method, like Gyft from gift and Tumblr from tumbler, for example.

Don’t limit yourself with language barriers and use translator for your key words to see how they sound in different languages. Many great ideas can pop up in front of you if you know how to turn the words around and make them work even though in different language.

Entrepreneurship is an act of innovation which often includes experimentation. There is no need for entrepreneurs to limit themselves. Try to work with different domain names. Look for example at – this is a great way to emphasize the purpose of your startup and still keep it simple and unique. Use different domain name and make it even a part of your startup’s significance.

One of the trickiest parts of the startup’s name choice is the availability of the name. The chances are very big that your dream name is already taken, but you don’t have to discourage yourself. Better spend some time to create your perfect name than to have some legal problems afterwards.


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