Startup name brainstorming: 5 online business name generators

There is no place for doubt about how important the name of your startup and the domain of your company website are for the future of your brand building. We have already talked about how to brainstorm great company name and, of course, there are some online tools, besides Google, that you can use in order to help you choose the right name and domain for your startup. Brainstorming can be fun with these five online tools that will help you turn this otherwise stressful process into a better experience.

Biz Name Wiz

It is fast, free and private company name generator that allows the users to see a list with possible company names by writing one to two words in the search button.  It also checks the domain availability by showing which possible domains are available for the created name.



It is a great online tool that helps people to create the perfect names for their companies. Besides the regular word input box, Dot-o-Mator also offers an ending box, where the users can choose from the list some preferred endings for their company names or can add their own endings. If you see a name that you like, but you want to continue your search, you can add and save it to you scratchboard and access it later.



All startups are unique and need to have unique, catchy and creative names as well. So, here is Wordoid which is an online tool for made up words that look nice and sound great. You can choose the language, the quality level, even the pattern for your search – it is all so easy and fun.


Name Mesh

Choose the domain for your website by using Name Mesh – a great online tool that allows the user to define their preferences by search in different categories as Common, New, Short, Extra, Similar, SEO, Fun and Mix. Your awesome domain name is waiting for you to discover it with Name Mesh.



If you are in search for distinctive, industry-relevant and descriptive business names, this tool is the right for you. It is a domain name generating tool that creates relevant name ideas from the chosen criteria and category. NameStation also will show you a list with suggested available domains that you can use for the website of your company.


─ January 26, 2015