Sunday International Column: Startups around the world #11

Startups around the world is Sunday column series created with the ambition to unite the entrepreneurial community around the world by introducing to the audience different startups on weekly basis. The purpose of this column is to improve our knowledge of what is being created by entrepreneurs around the world, to expand our network, to get informed and hopefully inspired.

This week we will take a look at three of the most promising  and successful startups from the Polish entrepreneurial ecosystem.


DocPlanner helps patients to find local physicians and book online appointments. The platform has registered more than 1 500 000 doctors from 25+ countries. It has never been easier to find a good doctor wherever you are located or traveling to.



Landingi is an app which helps you create landing page on your own for marketing campaigns or different events without the need of web development or design skills.



Positionly offers easy to use and scalable SEO analytics which help people, startups, ecommerce companies and agencies to monitor daily changes, to measure SEO performance and to improve their search engine rankings.


Expect more startup presentations next Sunday. If you wish to see specific company that you are fascinated by on our list or simply you want to introduce your own startup to the world, do not hesitate to post your suggestion in the comment section.

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