The advantages of being bilingual entrepreneur

One of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs is their thirst for knowledge and reading. Entrepreneurs hardly find the time to accomplish all the tasks on their swamped schedules and when it comes to learning a new language many may argue that busy entrepreneurs don’t have the time for that.

There are many personal and professional benefits which come from learning a new language. We are living in globalized world where communication and social connection have great impact on business, especially on small businesses and startups which are looking for opportunities, growth and new markets. Learning new language and mastering it can help not just your business, but your personal wellness as well.

Mental fitness

Learning a foreign language is very challenging. Only a person who has never learned new language doesn’t understand how difficult it actually is. The hard work really pays off because learning languages improves mental health, boosts creativity and keeps the mind sharp. Being bilingual can help you to pick up information easily, to use this information in new ways and to improve your listening skills. Entrepreneurs really can benefit from some fitness for the mind in order to improve their creativity.

Networking and opportunities

In the globalized world that we are living right now, being able to connect and speak with foreign business partners, employees and even mentors and investors in their own language is great opportunity to establish good connections with very important people. Being social is essential in entrepreneurship and your ability to communicate in different languages can expand your horizon distinctively.

Respect and prestige

We all know what kind of sensation was the conference where Mark Zuckerberg unexpectedly spoke almost fluent Chinese. Being bilingual is perfect for personal branding and it is not a secret how important your own reputation is for the success of your startup. Learning a new language requires admirable effort and the entrepreneurs who have found the time to learn should feel proud of themselves.

─ January 9, 2015