Time for action: The excuses entrepreneurs should stop making

Clearly, having a great idea might not be enough to create successful business, but, if you are serious enough and manage to create the framework of good execution plan, just an idea might really put the fundamentals of one promising business venture. Beside the overly-confident startup enthusiasts who are willing to start business without clear vision about its future, there is a group of people, often very large group of people, who are able to make something really innovative happen, but the lack of confidence combined with the fear of failure become their worst enemy and holds them back. If you really believe in your idea and you are ready to work hard towards making it come true, it is time for you to stop making these excuses and get to work.

I don’t know where to start from

This is one very common excuse, which may sound trivial but actually stops many people from launching their businesses. As it depends on the essence of your business, it is probably the best decision to take a moment and look at the big picture and divide it into small steps. Start from the very beginning. If necessarily start from developing your skill set and personal abilities. It is important to start acting and afterwards the scenery will get clearer.

I have no experience

Even though it seems a horrible idea to deep dive into something completely unfamiliar, there is no need to take it as an excuse not to even try. You might be surprised of how capable you actually are. If it’s not the case, then along the way you will have the chance to learn from your failures and mistakes and gain the experience that you need.

I have a good job already

Many entrepreneurs quit their good positions in big corporations and leave behind the regular paycheck and yearly bonuses to start their business. Feeling unsecure is normal and is one of the risks that entrepreneurs should take. If you are serious about your business venture, eventually you will have to quit your daily job and devote your time to your startup. You can try to work on both fields for a while, until you reach particular level and gain some confidence, but don’t let the excuse of having a job already to sabotage your startup venture.

I am not so sure that I will succeed

Well, nobody can tell 100% if a business will become successful or will crash within a year. Only the time can show what the outcome will be. It is enough that you are ready to work hard and have a vision and passion for your startup to create a good company. There is no time for making excuses and wonder “what if”. Better try and see what happens then never try and wonder and regret all your life.

I don’t have any money

Finding starting capital is very challenging and tough but there is always a way to kick-start your idea. Start small and build a plan on which you can rely for winning investment. Begin with some amount of your savings or small bank loan and work towards meeting and networking with potential investors. Investors and venture capitalists are in constant search for promising companies and if you believe in your startup, eventually someone else will also see its potential. Investors have trust in ideas, execution plans, personal skill sets and traits, capabilities of the entrepreneur and the whole team. Make sure that you put enough work into creating good vision for your startup and soon you might be able to secure a funding. Having no money is not an excuse: it is a part of running a newly-created company.

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