Effective Ways to Motivate Your Team

Successful startups are largely built on the ability of the entrepreneurs and the team members to set specific goals and work hard towards achieving these so important milestones in order to create measurable and visible results. The process of setting goals is very important yet not enough. What is more important is the way the goals will be achieved and here comes the role of motivation.

Motivation is what causes us to act with enthusiasm towards the achieving of our goals. Being motivated and passionate about what you do is the only way to achieve your goals. Achieving a goal requires motivation and persistence to help you overcome the obstacles and problems along your way. This is why exceptional leaders know how to motivate the team members in order to make them feel passionate about what they have to achieve.

Keeping your team members motivated is what makes you more than a business owner – it makes you a leader. And being a leader is very important for the success of your company.


Inspirational leaders understand the importance of trust in the employee-manager/owner relationship. By trusting your employees and avoiding micromanaging them you are to make them feel more accountable for their responsibilities. They will feel more motivated to work harder in order to meet your trust and not to let you (and the other team members) down.


Team meetings are important for the successful team building, but often the personal approach is essential when it comes to personal motivation of the team members. Good leaders know that sometimes the individual attention and one-in-one conversation can make the understanding between them and the employees better. By showing the team members individually that you are interested in their work and that you appreciate their effort is one of the best ways to motivate them.

Appreciate new ideas

The biggest motivator for many people is the feeling of being appreciated. Many employers forget to share with their employees how satisfied they actually are with their work. Learn to appreciate new ideas and to stimulate the creativity thinking of your employees. Support their intention to create solutions for existing problems by taking the initiative. Flexibility in their decision making process is one of the best things you can give to your team members.


Your team members also have the need to personally grow, to improve, to learn and develop their skills. Give them the opportunity to grow and appreciate their work with recognizing their achievements. It is good motivator for every person to know that their hard work will be recognized.

Working environment

Work towards providing your employees with comfortable environment where they can work, buy also relax and feel inspired. The work place doesn’t have to be related with stress and discomfort. Cozy work environment helps the employees to feel more motivated and more productive.

Set examples

As a leader, you should be able to set the right examples for your team members. If you are not motivated and passionate about your work, it is very likely the rest of the team to feel uninspired and unmotivated. Be the role model for your employees in order to create one highly-motivated team.

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