How to Feel Satisfied with the Work You Put in Your Startup

Failure, Setback, Mistake: These three that simple words have such a deep meaning hidden behind the way every person decides to understand and accept them. Entrepreneurs know very well what these three words can do to their startup venture if they let them.

Entrepreneurs put a lot of hard work in their startups and expect everything to work out for the best. And why wouldn’t it work out for the best? They put so much effort, long hours and do many, many sacrifices for the company, how it is even possible not to achieve what they aimed for? Well, it is not just possible; it is very likely to happen so. And when it happens (not “if” – when, because it most certainly will), they have two choices – to find their strength and continue their entrepreneurial journey or to feel defeated and give up.

Feeling good about the work entrepreneurs put in their startups is essential. It is great motivation booster and encourages them to act even braver and cleverer in their decision making processes, to work harder and to set better examples for their team members.

If money is the leading source of motivation for an entrepreneur to start their journey, then they are doomed to fail. In his TED talk, behavioral economist Dan Ariely reveals the secret of what makes us feel good about our work. This is a must-watch talk for entrepreneurs and small business owners who often fail to feel good about the work they put in specific project or in their company in general. Here you will understand the difference between negative motivation and positive motivation and how to use these approaches in your startup.

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