How to Get Everything You Want: Tap into Emotion

Entrepreneurs have to negotiate their way to achieving what they want for their business with so many people and in various different situations. It is important to know how to communicate effectively with people in order to make them not just agree to give you what you want – to make them WANT to give you what you want. This is the art of having great conversational skills, tremendous people skills and fine understanding of the way people think.

Certainly, many entrepreneurs have taken psychology classes at university or have personally accepted the challenge to learn as much as they can about social psychology through different sources. The reason is very clear: the way we communicate shapes the way we bond with others, the way we influence them and the way we establish relationships not only on personal levels, but on professional levels as well.

We send a message not just with our words, but also with the way we say and express things, with our voice tone and body posture, and here our body language really matters. Our body language sends a big part of the message that we want to give.

Choose your words wisely in order to achieve what you want and improve the odds of growing your business. If you manage to get to the emotional part of your business, by presenting your company with the way you feel about it – passion, inspiration, motivation, you will impress your audience by tapping into their emotions.

How you can do that? The way to tap into emotions can depend on the situation that you are experiencing at the moment and the people that you are talking to. If you are negotiating with investors, you can try to trigger feelings related with their personal experience in the entrepreneurial world such as the way they were feeling about their first startup venture(because many investors are entrepreneurs themselves), or the first investment they made in a startup they believed in. Nostalgia is sentimental. It is a great source of inspiration and always puts the people closer together in their communication.

You want to inspire your team – remind them about the passion you have for your business, the motivation you experience every single time you reach specific milestone. Don’t give orders, inspire action through emotions.

There are many emotions that you can tap into in order to achieve what you want and most of the times your marketers will help you with this when you work on your marketing campaigns. It isn’t that important what you will tell to the people, precisely to the consumers. The way you make them feel is more important, because this is the way they will remember your product. The way you make the investors or the audience feel will shape the way you will be remembered.

All entrepreneurs must embrace the fact that people are emotional and to figure out how they can use their personal emotion intelligence skills in business.

If you want to hear more about the power of body language, you can watch Amy Cuddy and her inspiring and highly-informative TED Talk on the subject going viral with the powerful title: Your body language shapes who you are.

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