Personal Insecurity and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs face many obstacles along their way to success, but some of their biggest challenges, such as insecurity and self-doubt, come from within. Entrepreneurs often feel insecure in their actions and this can be critical for their work performance, decision making and eventually, their startup’s success. Feeling insecure is normal in this fast-changing and uncertain business world, but it is all part of the risk that entrepreneurship carries.

Personal insecurities can be very problematic for every entrepreneur. It is not enough that you will meet many naysayers along your way and many people, even the closest to you ones, will doubt you, but often you will be challenged to face your personal insecurities and this process, despite its importance, is sometimes more difficult than the rest.

The good news is that there are some things that you can do in order to help yourself overcome your personal insecurities and regain your confidence.

info1Accept the insecurity

Accept that you will feel insecure very, very often, probably on daily basis. Take it as something normal. Insecurity is a sign that you are getting out of your comfort zone, which is probably the best thing you can do for your business.

Embrace the insecurity

Embrace the way your doubt makes you feel and think. Try to figure out if you can find another way to achieving your goals, a way that will feel more right. See if you have other options in front of you and choose the best one. Trust your gut. Follow your entrepreneurial sense and embrace the feeling of being insecure as a motivator to find better solutions for your problems.

Set goals

Once you know what was the source and the reason for your doubts, set a clear, measurable goal with define steps to follow, and outline your execution plan. Once you have the plan in front of yourself, you may feel more confident in your decision and actions. Setting goals and acting towards achieving them is one of the biggest self-motivators.

Work hard

Give all you have to give and work hard for achieving your goals. Nothing else makes self-doubt go away as fast as the feeling of accomplishment. If you know that you have given everything you could for your success, there is no reason to question yourself. You’ve done your best.


Analyze your work and try to figure out the reason for your mistakes. By doing so, you can learn that failure is actually very useful and the next time when you face difficult decision process or fear of failure you will be ready to remember that it was all worth it and that you are capable of achieving good results.

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