Startup Challenge 2015: The most successful 15 startups

During the Etohum Girişimcilik Zirvesi event, which took place on 31st of January at Suleyman Demirel Culture Center in Istanbul Technical University Maslak Campus, Etohum announced the most successful 15 startups for 2015.

The awarded 15 startups will compete at the Startup Challenge during the 7th Startup Turkey event, which will take place in Antalya on 26-28 February. The program will start on the 25th of February for the selected startups. After the training session on 25th, the awarded 15 startups will be pitching to the investors in a closed meeting on the 26th.

Etohum team worked very carefully to choose the most successful 15 startups this year. The entrepreneurs presented their investment presentations to the Intel Turkey CEO Burak Aydın, Mastercard Turkey CEO Mete Güney, Vestel Board Member Emre Zorlu, Esas Holding CEO Çağatay Özdoğru, Sina Afra, Selçuk Saraç, Sait Kayahan and founder of Akakça, Koray Karataş.

And the most successful startups are…


lastoda2Burak Balkaya and Selen Balkaya

Lastoda is a mobile application which offers to the users the ability to reserve affordable last minute accommodation deals at quality hotels. Many hotels are giving exceptional offers within limited time for the unreserved rooms that they coudn’t fill and with Lastoda you can book and enjoy the room in a great price without compromising with your comfort.



miniq2Metin Taşçı

MINIQ is a monitoring and management system for kindergartens and study centers. Web based MINIQ is a system that lets the education centers follow payments and monitor the education processes at real time.



odeal2Fevzi Güngör and Ali Can Baykal

ÖDE.AL allows small and medium-sized enterprises to accept payments via smartphone or tablet.

odeal1Bi’kutu Mutluluk

mutlulukkutusu2Merdol Başer, Ayşe Şimşekçi and Aslıcan Aydın

It is a wonderful and innovative service for delivering “happy boxes” full of carefully chosen and specially selected “happy products”. Each happy box has exclusive special design and contains various surprise products.



cepyol2Egement Sekeralp, Ali Güldür and Mert Pozcu

The online platform allows its users to reserve their hotel rooms, buy bus and plane tickets, and rent cars just by using their smartphones.



rp2Tunç Tuğcu, Eren Kırımlı and Mehmet Ekmekçi

Richieepic is a great social network that allows its users to challenge each other with pictures.


İşte Manikür

mankur2Müge Meydan

İşte Manikür is making the beauty routines of the working woman one better experience. After making agreements with the HR departments of the companies, İşte Manikür brings the manicure service to the offices.



chall2Oğuz Aslan, Mertcan Savasçı and Burak Boysan

Chall is a challenge based mobile social network where every user can nominate their friends and followers to participate in a challenge. It is that simple: Record a challenge, Nominate your friends, Wait for the response and let the people who vote to decide who the best participant is by liking and sharing your challenge.



sensmarne2Tufan Özdoğan

Sensmarine is a boat tracking system. Users are able to track online the location of their ships, the speed, and the fuel consumption.


Buradan Oraya

buradanoraya2Mark Zealey

Cambridge University graduate Mark Zealey created Buradan Oraya after he moved in İstanbul in 2009. Buradan Oraya is a transportation information system for tourists. The system has more than 100.000 users from six of the biggest cities in Turkey.



pandora2Kemal Akçalı and Caner Soyer

Pandora is an augmented reality application for construction professionals and architects.


Rent’n Connect

rc2Özgür Gen and Deniz Aydemir

Rent’n Connect is a 3G connected mobile device service for tourists. Rent’n Connect helps tourists to have fast and reasonable priced mobile internet, while they are in the country.



chan2Kemal Apaydın

Chain is a mobile app that helps its users to easily meet with professionals nearby. It is a great app for attendees of conferences, expos and basically any other networking event.


Positive Energy

positiveenergy2Soner Hacihaliloglu, Fatih Kılıç and Cem Aybars

Positive Energy is energy consumption system which helps the users to monitor their energy consumption at real time by providing them with analysis and estimated reports.


cubcfm2Erdem Gelal, Onur Yavuz, Özgür Akçalı and Barış Can Aktepe helps the users organize their music from different places on the Internet by making it available at one platform.


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