Work Smart Not Hard: Five ways to organize your to-do list

Busy entrepreneurs know how important every aspect of their lives is for the future of their company. Often we don’t realize that by including simple changes in our daily activities, we are able to save valuable time and still accomplish everything important on the agenda.

There are many great online tools that you can use in order to organize your to-do list, such as Todoist,, Wunderlist and Pocket Lists, but what really matters is the way you separate the tasks on your to-do list, so you can prioritize better. Here you can find five separate categories that can help you organize better your to-do list in order to achieve better results and save time.

Daily personal tasks: List the most important tasks that you need to complete during your day and organize them by their importance and needed time for execution. Here you can include the reply of emails, phone calls, meetings and so on.

Daily tasks for delegating: As a leader of a team, you are to delegate many tasks to your team members. Devote special part from your to-do list to follow your delegation processes, which will save you time when it comes to following up with your team members.

Emergency: There are some things that need to be taken care of immediately. Don’t miss a deadline anymore, by having a special place at your to-do list for very important and emergency tasks.

Project planning: Many projects require long weeks, even months, of work. Create specific list for tasks about a project, which can help you to stay more focused and to easily keep track of all the projects you have going on at the same time.

Future to-dos: Have a specific place in your to-do list where you can list important things that need to be taken care of later. Often, while we are working on specific tasks, some new (important!) things pop up and seem that they need to be taken care of immediately. This is the main reason for procrastinating and can be very distracting. This is why, having a specific place where you can list your tasks for “later” can actually save you time, help you to avoid distractions and allow you accomplish more during your day.


Events: Create a specific list with networking events that you would like to attend in the upcoming month or a whole year. Networking is very important for every entrepreneur. By creating a list with all the events you would like to attend, you are helping yourself to stay organized and to create your future agenda according to you long-term plans.

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