3 Social Media Tools Every Startup Needs

Social media presence is essential for small businesses and startups and running successful, easily measurable social media campaigns is very important for building strong user network. How can a busy entrepreneur find enough time to run social media campaigns? Here you can find three very useful social media tools that will improve your social media campaign experience, save you time and help you build strong online social network for your startup.

Find the most popular topics with BuzzSumo

BuzzSumo is great tool that helps entrepreneurs create successful SEO campaigns by allowing them to search the most popular topics and help them find trending ideas for their campaign. BuzzSumo helps you to analyze what content performs best for any topic or competitor and also helps you to find the key influencers to promote your content. If you just need just a place that can keep you ahead on everything that is happening, you can always rely on the good old Feedly, which allows the user to access their favorite newspapers, magazines and blogs from one place.


Track and optimize your social media strategy with quintly

If you want to create your optimal social media strategy, to track and optimize your social media performance and to compare it with the performance of the competitors, quintly is the tool that you need.


Monitor every aspect of your business with Cyfe

Track your startup’s performance by using Cyfe’s All-In-One Dashboard. Access all information that you need from one place and monitor every aspect of your startup’s data – social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support, and infrastructure.


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