7 Data Tools All Entrepreneurs Should Use

Marketing is very important for every startup, but collecting data isn’t enough – the data needs to be understood and used properly in order to display its real value. Many entrepreneurs, especially in the beginning of their venture, create, manage and analyze their marketing strategies themselves. Fortunately, there are some very useful, accessible and easy to use data tools out there that perfectly satisfy the needs of busy entrepreneurs. Understanding and visualizing their data can help all entrepreneurs in many ways, as the award-winning data visualization expert Dave Troy said during his stage presentation at Startup Turkey 2015 event.

Here you can find 7 popular and very effective data tools that all entrepreneurs should use in order to understand and present their data in the most beneficial way.


Kissmetrics is user-focused tool that helps its users to track, analyze and optimize their digital marketing performance.



Optimizely is trusted optimization platform for websites and mobile apps, delivering the best customer experience.


Google Analytics

Of course, we can’t skip to mention Google Analytics in our list. It is very useful tool for every marketer and helps the users to boost their sales, increase the number of their visitors, and find the audience they want.  Basically, Google Analytics provides useful, detailed data and the insights that you need to improve your business.


Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg is a great tool that will show you how your users click and scroll through your website, which will help you understand better what keeps your visitors there and what makes them leave.


Segment is the single hub that collects, translates and routes your customer data, which helps you to understand it easily. Segment makes customer data simple and provides integrations for almost all of the tools that are widely used from digital marketers.


─ March 25, 2015