Startup Turkey 2015: Special Interview with Faizan Aslam

Faizan Aslam is the CEO and Founder of the Pakistani startup In a special interview for Etohum during the Startup Turkey 2015 event, Faizan talked about the opportunities that Startup Turkey event offers to entrepreneurs.

Bookme is an online web and mobile application for buying bus and cinema tickets, created in March 2014. The size of the targeted market is impressive as there are over 5 million bus commuters every day in Pakistan alone and 1.2 million moviegoers per day.

The remarkable size of the target market combined with the weak competition in the sector, especially in the online cinema ticket selling, raises the big expectations for the bright future of The previous year, the biggest startup accelerator in Turkey, Etohum, made their first step into the Pakistani market by investing in Bookme.

─ March 5, 2015