Startup Turkey 2015: Vitaly Golomb

Startup Turkey 2015 event was one of the destinations for CCC Startups team as part of their Startup AddVenture 2015 Tour. During his stage presentation, Vitaly Golomb, General Partner at CCC, talked about the way venture capital is transforming, shared what CCC Startups are looking for in a startup and what a startup with potential must possess and pinpointed several key elements: Clear Problem (that the startup will solve) – in a $1B+ market domestically and/or globally; Balanced Team – Domain Expertise, Engineering, Design, Marketing; Functional Product with Traction; Scalable Internet-Driven Distribution or demonstrated ability to drive sale; Symmetric Revenue Model – Transactions, Subscriptions, Affiliate.

Vitaly Golomb is Ukrainian-born and Silicon Valley-based entrepreneur, investor and award-winning designer. He is also a mentor at 500 Startups, Happy Farm, ZIP, Tech Peaks, Etohum, and Innovation Nest accelerators and a keynote speaker at many different conferences on startups and entrepreneurship. Vitaly Golomb is founder and CEO at and General Partner at CCC Fund, which is popular startup ecosystem builder.

─ March 16, 2015