5 Ways to Destroy Your Startup Dreams

Most entrepreneurs start their journey with the ambition to create great product, to build strong company, that can grow and dominate the industry, to become the visionary leaders who will make a difference in the world, but just so few succeed in doing so. Dreaming big and working hard can take you to the desired destination, but the failures are what will make you stronger. Failures are valuable only if you learn from your mistakes. Constant failure with no lesson learned is just a waste of time. You can’t repeat the same things all over again and expect different results, right?

According to Bel Pesce, who is Brazilian entrepreneur and TED speaker,  there are five ways to NOT achieve your dreams and they are as follows: believe in overnight success; believe someone else has the answers for you; decide to settle when growth is guaranteed; believe the fault is someone else’s; believe that the only things that matter are the dreams themselves. Her TED talk is a must watch for all entrepreneurs, who don’t want to destroy their startup dreams.

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