7 Things Smart Entrepreneurs Will Never Do

Being smart doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be great entrepreneur. In entrepreneurship, success doesn’t come only to those who are smart: they need to have many other important personal traits in order to build and grow profitable companies. There is difference between being smart and making smart decisions. Of course, there are smart people who often do not so smart things. So, to help you protect your startup venture and be more careful in your decision making processes, here you can find 7 things that smart entrepreneurs will never do.

Take decisions without thinking about the consequences. Smart people think about the consequences of their actions, which doesn’t mean that they don’t take risks – they just tend to take calculated risks and carefully judge every specific situation.

Think that they are always right. Smart people are aware that they might be mistaken. They are confident enough to stand behind their words and actions, but strong enough to admit when they are wrong and learn from their mistakes.

Always search the fault in other people. Smart people are able to realistically observe every situation and never blame other people for their failures or mistakes.

Surround themselves with unprofessional and/or toxic people. Smart people know how important their network is and never surround themselves with toxic people, constant complainers, unprofessionals, time-wasters. They basically avoid all types of personalities, which make the work process more stressful than it should be.

Focus on the wrong things. Smart people know how to prioritise and always manage to keep their focus on the most important things. They know how to delegate, how to avoid micromanaging and how to lead their team, so they can concentrate on their own important tasks.

Say YES when they think NO. Smart people are able to say NO when they mean it, because they know what is best for their companies and are not shy to stand for it.

Waste time: their own and the time of others. Smart people know that their biggest asset is time and respect that fact. They know how to organise their schedules in order to avoid procrastination and unproductive meetings.

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