How to Deal With Negativity

In entrepreneurship, being extremely optimistic is not the best approach you can have, but surrounding yourself with immensely negative people can be fatal for your business decisions and will definitely affect your success. There are some good parts of being negative, when there is a productive outcome from this, such as the famous term productive paranoia, which we have already discussed, but generally unreasonable negativity can be very harmful.

Here you can find three ways that will help you deal with negativity and negative people, who can harm the success and the progress of your business. 

Avoid negative people

When you can, avoid communicating with negative people and try to surround yourself with open-minded people. Choose carefully your employees and business partners and try to minimise your communication with constant complainers and people who tend to think that everything that you (or themselves) do will result in failure and will be a waste of time. Negative people can be not just mood killers, but also can be dream killers. Reduce your contacts with them and you will feel much more motivated and enthusiastic about your venture.

Don’t get into arguments with negative people

Avoid getting into an endless conversations with people who are not ready to listen to your arguments, who are not flexible in their business understandings and are looking only for reasons to spread their negativity. Whenever you can, avoid getting into the trap of arguing (offline or online) with negative people and ignore their provocations. As a busy entrepreneur, you should choose carefully your battles and don’t fall for endless arguing about difficult topics.

Don’t become one of them

In very stressful situations, especially when everything seems very difficult and nothing is going right, you might feel the negativity taking over your thoughts. Avoid making negative comments and to constant complain. When you feel negative, you should avoid being around negative people and try to find the solutions, not to concentrate only on the problems.

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