Startup Turkey 2015:

Startup Turkey 2015 event hosted world class speakers and gathered many promising startups and eager angel investors from Eurasia and MENA region. There were 100+ startups but only 15 of them made it to the final 15. Bookme was one of the finalists of Startup Turkey 2015 Startup Challenge.

Bookme lets you buy all sorts of tickets on the go. It has three key areas, which separates it from all ticketing platforms in world.

1. Data and profiling: Bookme maintains record of customers and do intelligent profiling that helps in targeted marketing.

2. Platform with reach: They build API’s and give to diverse set of groups like banks, telcos, mobile wallets, e-commerce portals, etc. This enables ticket buying be as simple as sending text.

3. Combining services: Bookme enables whole new experience of ticket buying where they combine different services like arranging cab or booking restaurant table.

You can watch the presentation of Faizan Aslam in the video below.

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