The Power of Taking Time Off

Entrepreneurship requires full devotion. This is why if you don’t love what you do, if you are not passionate enough to pursue your dreams, it is most likely your startup to fail and your hard work to never result in personal satisfaction and success. Entrepreneurs believe that they should be thinking about their startups 24/7 and this might be correct in some cases, but it carries one great risk: the risk of burnout.

In order to keep your passion alive, your motivation high and your creative genius inspired, you need to consider taking some time off your startup. Of course, depending on the stage of your company, you can’t allow yourself to take off a whole year or a month, but at least a couple of days: there is always the need to take some time off your startup without feeling guilty about it.

In his TED Talk, graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister shares his way of achieving the fulfilling feeling of taking some time off his business, which is also his passion. Learn how this creative and successful person keeps his enthusiasm alive by using the power of time off and how this time off inspired some of his greatest ideas and projects.

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