12 Signs You Might Be an Entrepreneur

All entrepreneurs are very different from each other yet at the same time they have very similar  personal traits and skills. Just because you are freelancer does not mean that you are an entrepreneur. Just because you are stuck at a dead end job does not mean that you can’t pursue your dreams. So, here we will talk about the obvious signs, which show that you might be an entrepreneur, without even realizing it, which may inspire you to take up a new startup venture.

1. You see potential where most of the people see problems and obstacles. Being and entrepreneur means that you are an opportunist and optimist.

2. You believe in your ideas, but you concentrate more on their execution. You know that ideas stay just ideas if you don’t work towards turning them into reality.

3. You concentrate on success, not on failure. You know that failure is inevitable, this is why you are not afraid to fail and tend to take more risks.

4. You like challenges. You like to challenge yourself, because all challenges inspire action and innovation.

5. You are passionate about what you do. Without passion it is difficult to stay motivated and inspired.

6. You know how to set goals and, most importantly, how to achieve them. You don’t like to settle and once you have achieved your goal you set another one. This is how a person succeeds and grows.

7. You have never had a dream job. You have never had a clear idea of the profession you would like to practice. Many people know from early age what they would like to work, others, like most entrepreneurs, just want to change the world, to be successful and to make impact.

8. You like to improve your skills, to learn new things and to gain new knowledge. This does not mean that you have an MBA or that in any way you let your degree to define you. People with entrepreneurial spirit often don’t believe in the traditional education system. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs are college dropouts and the skills and abilities, that they have, are often learned through experience.

9. You are self-confident. You believe in yourself and in your ideas. You know your strengths, but most importantly, you know your weaknesses, which makes you even stronger.

10. You are curious about everything. You like to question everything and you are curious about the world around you.

11. You know the value of time. You know that your time is the most valuable asset that you have, you appreciate and value it.

12. You like to break the rules. The idea of having a 9 to 5 job sounds horrible to you. Not like there is something wrong with having a “regular job”, just for the people with entrepreneurial spirit it is not an option to follow someone else’s rules.

─ May 8, 2015