7 Crowdfunding Sites for Entrepreneurs

According to Wikipedia, “In 2013, the crowdfunding industry grew to be over $5.1 billion worldwide”. This is very impressive number. The crowdfunding platforms continue to increase in number and the impact they make is clearly noticeable. All of these platforms bring different opportunities for the different people. Crowdfunding platforms have their important purposes: they are  used by many entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, for different charities and so on.

Here you can find 10 of the most popular and useful crowdfunding platforms, which are great for entrepreneurs. Take a look at the list and make sure that you explore well the platforms before you decide which one will work the best for your campaign.


As one of the most popular (not to say the most popular) crowdfunding platforms, Kickstarter has grown significantly through the years, since its launch back in 2009. There are 15 categories, under which you can create your campaign, and many amazing opportunities for your idea to get funded.



Since its launch in 2008, Indiegogo has become the largest fundraising site, which helps individuals, businesses and non-profits to raise money online. The platform encourages and empowers people with ideas to launch their campaigns and helps them to turn any idea into reality through crowdfunding. The interesting part here is that on this platform the campaign fee is 4%, but there is also a higher fee of 9% plus processing fees, which has to be paid if the project does not meet its goal.


Fundable is an online funding platform for startups and small businesses. The startups can offer reward or equity for funding. The companies can create their profile and can create campaigns, which will cost $99 per active campaign plus the processing fees.



Angel List is one of the platforms that is widely popular among early stage tech startups. The platform encourages entrepreneurs to connect with investors and raise funds online by leveraging their offline investor connections.


This crowdfunding platform is working only with US-based businesses with ready product or services. Their categories are Advertising to Wholesale and the fee is 5% plus the processing fees.


Circle Up

CircleUp is a crowdfunding platform connecting accredited investors with innovative consumer and retail companies. The fact that the platform is working only with accredited investors is a big plus, which increases the company chances of meeting the desired goal for their investment. If the goal is not met, the collected investments are returned to the investors.


RocketHub is very popular crowdfunding platform, especially for education related projects and campaigns. It has four categories: Art, Business, Science, and Social, and offers Success School, which can help everyone to learn the art of creating successful crowdfunding campaign, no matter which platform they are using for their crowdfunding.


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