7 Websites to Learn a New Language

One of the most common traits of successful entrepreneurs is their thirst for knowledge and reading. Entrepreneurs hardly find the time to accomplish all the tasks on their swamped schedules and when it comes to learning a new language many may argue that busy entrepreneurs don’t have the time for that.

There are many personal and professional benefits, which come from learning a new language. We are living in globalized world, where communication and social connection have great impact on business, especially on small businesses and startups, which are looking for opportunities, growth and new markets. Learning new language and mastering it can help not just your business, but your personal wellness as well.

Of course, there are many online tools, which can help you to pick up a new language in no time. Here we don’t talk about becoming fluent in a foreign language, which requires a lot of time, effort and practice. Being bilingual is very important for entrepreneurs, who want to expand their businesses globally, but the benefits of learning a new language can be many, such as improving your mental fitness, finding new networking opportunities and gaining more respect and prestige among your business partners.

Here you can find 7 great websites, which can help you to learn a new language in no time. Have fun learning!



Livemocha is one of the most popular online platforms to learn a foreign language. They offer free and premium online interactive courses on 35 different languages. This website allows its users to explore the language they are learning by communicating with millions of people from over 190 countries.



Memrise is a great online platform for language learners, which helps you learn better. They have high quality courses in more than 200 languages. Their mobile apps are very easy and fun, so you can learn the new skills from anywhere and in anytime.


Forvo is a great online place where you can learn the right pronunciation of key words and phrases of the language that you are learning.

BBC Languages

This is a great source of information and resources for every new language learner. They offer video tutorials for beginners and other video materials for learners of any level.

Bonus options! There are many other options for language learners, yet most of these websites don’t have great design or many language options. However, they are still valuable resources, which you may benefit from. Here are some other bonus options: Imendi, Surface Languages, Internet Polyglot, Skritter and My Language Exchange.

─ May 11, 2015