Evidea Receives $3 Million Investment from Tiger Global

Evidea, one of the startups that Etohum endorsed in 2010-2011, has received $3 million investment from Tiger Global with evaluation of the investment of $50 million.

Starting with receiving an investment from Etohum, from Emre Kurttepeli, founder of Mynet,  and Tiger Global, Evidea began their company rise, which let them to achieving the impressive growth of 200% for a year. This third investment from Tiger Global will help Evidea to continue growing.

Evidea is an e-commerce website, which provides the sale of home goods and home improvement products. The company was founded in 2008 by Timur Tandoğar and Tuğberk Keselioğlu, who started their startup journey with a team of 180 people and 10 thousand square meters of a warehouse.

To learn more about the entrepreneurial path of the founders of Evidea, watch the video below.

─ May 22, 2015