How to Generate Great Ideas

All successful companies once have been just ideas, more specifically said: great ideas with impeccable execution. The execution of great ideas requires the development of other, smaller ideas, plans and action maps. If you struggle to reach your Eureka! moment and you often feel stuck, there is no need to worry. Here you can find seven great tips, which will help you to awaken your creative genius.

Look around you

The world around you is full of possibilities and ideas. Everything that you see can inspire you to look differently at specific problem and see there an opportunity. Pay attention to the people whom you meet and communicate with on daily basis: your family members, your children, your friends, your neighbours, even the bus driver or the waiter in the coffee shop. You never know when you may see something that they do differently, which can inspire you or even give you remarkable business idea.

Share your ideas

Many people keep their ideas to themselves. Yes, it is important to protect your ideas from theft, but why to keep everything a secret. When you share your ideas to an acceptable limit, you may find the solution of your problems in the advice of other people. The opinion of others may give you an idea and may help you look at the things from a different angle. Don’t be afraid to share your ideas with people, who are willing to listen to you and who are wishing to help you with their opinion.

What bugs you?

How often have you wished that the manufacturer of the milk cartoon boxes made the box in a way that does not spill the milk every time you try to pour a glass? These little things that bug you in your everyday life may give you an idea or inspiration on how to improve them, how to create a product, which the customers will love and will be willing to pay extra for.

Have a hobby

Having a hobby is a great way to relax and to enjoy your free time, but it is also a great opportunity for generating creative ideas. Your hobby might bring you inspiration or might even reveal its potential to becoming a profitable business.

Keep a journal

Have you ever though about something great on your way to work, but then the work day just washed away this amazing idea? I am sure you did. By keeping a journal you will keep track on your ideas, you will be able to add to them and to develop them, you will be able to sleep on them and look at them from another angle in a couple of days or so. So, keep a journal, regularly write in it and regularly read what you’ve written.

Read, watch, listen

Read more books, magazines, articles, follow an inspiring blog. Watch movies and listen to podcasts. Just save some time to access new information on any subject, which can help you to get inspired and to reach your new ideas. You never know when your next big idea will be born, but you can always help this process to happen faster.

Schedule a “creative hour”

As an entrepreneur, you are probably very busy with everyday tasks, with planning and growing your business. If you wish to come up with new ideas and problem solutions, it is a good idea to save an hour in your schedule every week (if you have the chance, why not even 15 minutes every day!) to think, to let your imagination flourish and to try to awaken your creative genius.

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