How to Increase Your Influence

The ability to influence people is very useful skill in business, especially when we talk about entrepreneurship, attracting customers and winning the trust of potential investors. John C. Maxwell has said, “The true measure of leadership is INFLUENCE, nothing more nothing less”, and we can’t agree more with this statement. Influence is essential for every remarkable leader and you, as an entrepreneur, should know how to increase your influence in order to become exceptional leader and memorable name in your niche.

One of the most popular and remarkable works on the subject is Dale Carnegie’s book “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. Understandably, this book always makes it to the top list of must-read books about leadership and entrepreneurship, because influencing is the number one ingredient for achieving entrepreneurial success.

Here you can find some very useful tips, which will help you to increase your influence and become better leader.

Be confident. People look up to confident people, who know who they are, what they want and how to achieve it.

Be well-intended and outgoing. Friendly people, who smile a lot and go through every conversation with ease, are very trustable. Well-intended people always manage to achieve what they want with a smile on their faces.

Use your body language. Not only the verbal messages, that we send, matter, especially when we talk about influencing others. The non-verbal signals, which you send, are also very powerful tool, which you can use. Always be aware of your body posture, keep your head high, your shoulders back and your hands loose and you will not only sound confident, but will look confident as well.

Show interest in others. By asking questions, you are showing your interlocutors that you are interested in them. Nowadays, everyone is unbearably busy and rarely someone will find the time to show interest in others. People enjoy to talk about themselves, but they rarely have the chance to do so. Use this in your advantage, ask a lot of questions, get to know their interests and, finally, you will be able to win their trust by showing your good intentions.

Become a mentor. Find a mentees and pass your knowledge and experience to them. You will build a good reputation as a successful advisor and business influencer and, as a result of this,  more and more people will look up to you.

Build good online presence. We are living in a technology-driven era, where most of our communication happens through different devices and social platforms. It is impossible to ignore the importance of having constant and influential online presence. You are able to reach many people online, therefore, to influence many more of them. Keep good online presence and expand your influential reach.

Ask yourself this simple question: “Why should people be willing to get influenced by me?”, and you will find the key to becoming successful influencer by revealing to yourself your strengths and abilities to lead.

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