Kevin Colleran Redefines Entrepreneurship and Reflects on Almost Fatal Accident

Kevin Colleran is a successful entrepreneur, Founding Facebook Executive and one of the first 10 employees of the social network, now Managing Partner at Slow Ventures, and last but not least,   graduate of Babson College, which is among the best entrepreneurship colleges in the world.

In his inspirational talk at Babson’s 2015 Undergraduate Commencement ceremony, Kevin Colleran gives one very valuable, yet not that popular, message to the graduates. He says: “You don’t have to work for yourself and start your own business to be an entrepreneur!” By sharing his personal entrepreneurial story, Colleran proves his statement right. He shares that much of his success has happened while working for another company, not working for himself.

Colleran also shares with the graduates one very personal story. On February 27, while crossing  the street in his way to pick up breakfast, he was hit by a bus.  The accident, that almost took his life, actually helped him realize something very important: the fact that he has no regrets about his life. He says: “I woke up from surgery and saw my wife and family by my side. Immediately, I took a selfie and put it on Facebook, of course, happy to be alive and happier to share my story with all of my friends. Because, as I think about it, there is nothing I would change.”

Ha also says: “As you think about the future, prepare to have your definition of entrepreneurship changed, prepare to have your goals changed, prepare for yourself to change. Because if you can’t imagine a world different from the one you see today, you will never build a better one tomorrow.” 

Watch the inspirational talk of Colleran in the video below:

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