Redefine Leadership: Measure the Intangible

Business leaders must think out of the box when it comes to creating innovative products and services that can become strong foundations of impactful businesses and remarkable brands. Visionary leaders understand the importance of measuring not only what is tangible, but, even most importantly, they tend to concentrate on what is intangible in their companies: how inspired their employees are, how satisfied their customers are, how honest their business partners are and so on.

During the dotcom bubble burst, the CEO and author Chip Conley started to look for a new way of leadership thinking, a new business model based on happiness and learned that success in business and in life comes from what you count.

In his TED Talk, he mentions Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and relates it with the need of hierarchy at the work place, especially for people who lead and manage teams. Influenced by Maslow’s work, Chip Conley created “the transformation pyramid” by starting to ask key questions to the company’s employees, questions like: Do you know the mission and vision of the company? Do you believe in it? Questions to the customers: Do you feel emotional connection with the company? Watch this very interesting talk and learn how valuable is to measure the intangible along with everything tangible in order to become better leaders.

─ May 6, 2015