The Entrepreneurial Mindset: Speak and Listen Your Way to Success

Remarkably successful startup entrepreneurs posses many leadership skills and abilities to inspire and motivate the others. Good leaders know how to speak in a way to be heard and correctly understood. They never underestimate the power of their voice and the importance of their conversational skills for the success of their business relations.

So, here we will talk about the two most important communication skills that entrepreneurs should master – the art of listening and speaking. This is what verbal communication is: it is a process of speaking and listening. We are always careful of what we say, but why don’t we pay that much attention on what we hear? Effective communication doesn’t come with switching between the speakers and waiting for our turns to come. We must listen and comprehend what has been said, in order to maintain beneficial communication.

How can we speak powerfully to make change in the world? Learn the seven deadly sins of speaking, according to  Julian Treasure, and try to avoid them in order to engage better your audience. Julian Treasure also reveals the four foundations, on which we can stand on if we want our speech to be powerful, and they are as follows: Honesty – being true to what you say; Authenticity – be yourself; Integrity – actually do what you say; and Love – wishing people well.

Listening is important for your startup and you should try to improve your listening skills in order to make the way you communicate more effective. In another TED Talk, Julian Treasure emphasizes on the art of listening and pinpoints five very important ways that will help you become better listener.

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