The Simple Change That Will Help You Sound Like a Leader

The importance of leadership in entrepreneurship is essential factor for the future success of the company. Being an entrepreneur doesn’t automatically make you a leader. There are many personal characteristics which differentiate good leaders from bad leaders. But how do you become a leader? Many people say that you should be born a leader in order to be one, while others argue that every person can become a leader by developing their personal skills. Which one do you believe is true?

To be an influencer you should sound like a leader. Do you want to sound like a leader? Start by saying your name right. In her stage talk at TEDxPenn, Laura Sicola shares how every person can sound like a leader by making some small changes, how they can improve their ability to influence their listeners by using the power of their speech intonation.

What do you think: Is it possible to become a better leader by improving the way you talk?

─ May 4, 2015