How To Make Great First Impression

Nowadays, we establish many (let’s don’t say all) of our business relationships online. But personal meetings and networking events are still very important for entrepreneurs, especially when they have the chance to meet with investors and mentors who can help them along their entrepreneurial path.

Despite the arguments on the subject, I would say that first impression really matter. It matters, especially in situations where you have no more than two minutes to present yourself in the most memorable way possible. So, what can you do to make better first impression and turn even the shortest meeting in your favor?

Dress properly. Well, the first thing a person sees is the way you are dressed and the way you carry yourself. Dress for the specific occasion, but stay true to your personal style. Dress for the position you want, not for the position you have. Choose carefully not just your clothes, but the personal accessories, the hairstyle, everything that completes your whole vision.

Mind the body language. Your posture matters. Your words can say one thing, but your body posture can send different message. Be aware of your body language because it really has critical part when it comes to first impressions.

Be yourself. People understand when others act unnatural in order to make good impression. Your goal is to establish the foundations of further relation with the people you are meeting with and you just can’t pretend you are someone you are not all the time.

Be confident. You can always tell when a person is confident and when they are not that sure about themselves. Even if you lack confidence, then fake it, just make sure that you don’t seem like you are at the wrong place. How can someone take you seriously, if you don’t take yourself seriously in the first place?

Listen actively. Everyone appreciated a good listener. If you listen actively and respond accurately, you will make the best first impression possible. It is very rare skill and this is why it is highly appreciated.

Be prepared. Know what kind of message you want to send to your interlocutor and make sure that you keep it straight to the point.  You don’t want to be remembered as the person who has no agenda and is just time-waster, do you?

─ July 23, 2015