5 Types of Must-Have Mobile Apps For Every Networking Every Attendee

Attending conferences and networking events has huge part in the busy life of every entrepreneur. All events bring various opportunities, valuable connections and are great source of ideas. It is essential for entrepreneurs to enhance their networking and conference experiences by using these five types of must-have mobile apps.

Take notes with Evernote

All conferences and networking events are great source of valuable information and in order to keep track on every interesting presentation, here is Evernote to help you organize your notes. You are able to create different notebooks for separate presentations and easily access your notes afterwards. Evernote is available for laptops, tablets and mobile devices.

Organize business cards with FullContact Card Reader

All great networking events bring great opportunities for the attendees to meet new people, to establish new business relationships and to expand their network. Especially speed networking events are wonderful chance to meet important people. It is essential for you to carry a lot of business cards and, of course, you are to receive significant amount of business cards as well. After LinkedIn shut down CardMunch, the users started to search for replacements of this great app. FullContact Card Reader is one of the alternatives. This app helps you scan any business card and transition the information into your Google contacts, iPhone contacts, basically anywhere you need it. FullContact app saves you time and ensure the fact that you have up-to-date contact list.

Get visual

Creating easily shared visual content is essential for networking events. Instagram is great app for taking and filtering photos. There are many great video editing apps and you can choose the one that suits you the most. Some of the best video editing apps are iMovie, VidTrim, AndroMedia and VideoShow: Video editor and maker. You can always try and the power of the six second videos by using Vine.

Stay social

Wherever you are, there is always the need to stay connected with your followers on social media. Along with all other cool apps, don’t forget Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Google Hangouts andLinkedIn.

Monitor your spending

Shoeboxed is a great app which allows you to take a photo of your receipts in order keep track on your spending. The app automatically enters the date, amount of payment, payment type and so on and keeps this important information for creating expense reports. Stay on top of your spending while traveling for important conferences and networking events.



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