Configure Your Startup Team: 10 Reasons to Hire the Well Travelled

When it comes to startup hiring, most of the entrepreneurs find it difficult to find the right candidates for their companies. A startup employee must possess many professional and personal traits, which can make them the perfect fit for a growing business, but these traits are difficult to find in many of the candidates.

In entrepreneurship, the university degree do not matter as much as the experience that the person has. Talent and personality are what matter more than certificates and degrees.

The word that we are going to concentrate on is experience. The professional experience, gained through practice, is more valuable than reading a book. The same goes for the personal experience, enhancing one’s life perspective, and the people, who have traveled well, have one extra pinch of life-enhancing experience than the rest.

Here you can find the top 10 reasons why you should consider hiring a well-traveled person for your startup team.

Uncertainty doesn’t scare them

Travelers value the importance of making a plan, but they also know that rarely the things happen the exact same way as they have planned them.

All entrepreneurs know that nothing is certain in business and that things can go in a complete different direction in just a day.

Well traveled people are not afraid of uncertainty and they know how to embrace it, how to turn it in the best possible way that will work for them.

They have good communication skills

Well traveled people have met many different people from different backgrounds and cultures. They have managed to communicate with these people, which is a great experience that builds strong communication skills.

They speak different languages

In the globalized world that we live in, speaking foreign language is a must and having knowledge in more than one foreign language is a great advantage. But learning a language in school is not the same as learning a language in a specific country. Being able to understand clearly the people you are communicating with is what makes the communication smooth.

They know different cultures

Every culture can teach us something and the people, who have experienced the variety of the traditions from around the world, will be able to easily think out of the box and to use their creativity when they try to understand the audience and the customers on a global level.

They know how to manage their time

When you travel, you always must be aware of the time and must be good at managing it. Good time management is perfect skill for every startup team member.

They can easily adapt

Well traveled people are able to easily adapt to specific situations and are good critical thinkers. They are flexible in their decisions and respond fast to any unexpected situation.

They are patient

Travelling doesn’t always go so smooth, but the well traveled people know that patience is essential if you want to reach your desired destination. Same is in business – if you want to achieve great results, you need to have the patience, so you can walk the long way to success.

Obstacles do not scare them

Travelers understand that the destination is important, but the journey itself is what really makes the whole experience worth it. This is why they take every obstacle as a challenge and try to do their best to overcome it.

They know how to manage stress

Traveling is not just a fun experience and sometimes it can be very stressful. But the experienced traveler knows how to manage the stress, how to avoid feeling the anxiety of uncomfortable situations and how to keep their focus on the things that matter, the things that that they can actually control.

They are dreamers

People, who need to experience new things, to gain new perspective in life and to explore the world, are dreamers with vision and passion for life and adventure. In the end, the dreamers are the ones, who manage to see the world in a different way, that want to change the world and make it a better place, who want to solve problems and bring value to the rest. This kind of people you actually need to be part of your startup team!

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