Startup Istanbul Challenge: Meet The Selected Startups #2

Startup Istanbul event offers to the selected startups the opportunity to receive mentorship and training from very experienced mentors, entrepreneurs and investors. The startups will receive 2 days of training. On 1-2nd of October, selected 100 startups will get together at Istanbul and meet best mentors from mainly US and Europe. Every startup will pitch to the mentors and get feedback. 2 full days, startups will get the chance to work with the best mentors. In the end of second day, a special dinner event will be organized for startups and mentors.

The Demo day: On the 3rd of October, 50 selected startups will pitch to the jury at the room full of investors. Only investors are invited to the demo day. In the end, top 15 will be selected for the finals to pitch on the Startup Istanbul stage on 5th of October.

In this series we will introduce to you the 100 selected startups, which will be part of Startup Istanbul 2015 event.

The Wall

Istanbul, Turkey

The Wall is Twitter for Wi-Fi connections. Be ready to explore places via WiFi connections. You can send posts to WiFi connections or just see what’s happening behind them. If you are a business, we have good news for you. Now, you can target users for your ads by using analyzed user activities of The Wall and categorized Wi-Fi data.


Lagos, Nigeria

mytoddlr helps parents give the best care to their children, eliminating childcare and parenting worries. Using mytoddlr, parents can easily track their child’s development and daily activities, share important, memorable moments in their child’s life, ensure their little one’s security and easily communicate with the Pre-school/Crèche.


Nairobi, Kenya

Nims helps reduce fraud while creating transparency and efficiency by harnessing both mobile and web technology to give businesses control measures in safeguarding their expenses. Nims is an expense management tool that simply helps businesses get a hold of their expenses.


Budapest, Hungary

Picturesqe uses AI and machine learning to help photographers reduce the time needed to select their best shots. Picturesqe’s AI solution pre-ranks photos based on image quality and will adjust the ranking algorithm accordingly based on each users’ preferences. The auto-magical grouping feature goes beyond geo-location to recognize similarities between photos for auto-grouping. Finally, the IntelliZoom feature allows the user to simultaneously zoom into the same key point across several photos for easier comparison.

Content Creator App

Bosnia and Herzegovina

DESIGN awesome visual content from your iPhone, with beautiful typography and artwork templates. SCHEDULE and PUBLISH created content to multiple Facebook & Twitter accounts with the easiest-to-use mobile app in the world.


Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Sellbeing is easy-to use cloud-based ecommerce platform which allows everyone to create an online store Subscription based business model with subscription plans starting from $27 per month Target: UAE market, with focus on small and mid sized online merchants.

MENA Network

The next Alibaba of the Middle East Search in is aiming to be rated as the largest online business to business e-commerce marketplace in the MENA Region, consistently providing the combination of a wide variety of services, business information, visibility and outstanding service that creates an extraordinary lead generation experience.


Istanbul, Turkey

By BuKurye ios and Android app . It is easy to get same day motorcyle courier service when u need it. It is possible to pay via app. The prices are less, the app is handy, service is perfect.

Islamabad, Pakistan is a smartphone app that takes TV viewing experience to an all new level. It allows its users to follow tv programs, artists and genres based on their interests and never miss a program of their choice again. OMG is social and guides you what you want to watch. OMG is truly a holygrail For TV and Program owners.


WePress is a simpler way to find and commission freelance journalism professionals. 53 million Americans are freelancing in 2015. That’s 34% of the total workforce. This figure is expected to grow to 50% by 2020. It is impacting the journalism industry, particularly, and increasing demand for Freelance Journalism Management Systems that can efficiently scale a global freelance workforce. Our powerful features include: – DIRECTORY: The broadest Directory of journalism professional in the world. – MARKETPLACE: A Global self-service marketplace for seeking or commissioning professional journalism services. – INBOX: A private messenger service that allows users to discuss jobs in a centralized and organized manner.


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