Startup Istanbul Challenge: Meet The Selected Startups #6

Startup Istanbul event offers to the selected startups the opportunity to receive mentorship and training from very experienced mentors, entrepreneurs and investors. The startups will receive 2 days of training. On 1-2nd of October, selected 100 startups will get together at Istanbul and meet best mentors from mainly US and Europe. Every startup will pitch to the mentors and get feedback. 2 full days, startups will get the chance to work with the best mentors. In the end of second day, a special dinner event will be organized for startups and mentors.

The Demo day: On the 3rd of October, 50 selected startups will pitch to the jury at the room full of investors. Only investors are invited to the demo day. In the end, top 15 will be selected for the finals to pitch on the Startup Istanbul stage on 5th of October.

In this series we will introduce to you the 100 selected startups, which will be part of Startup Istanbul 2015 event.

Snackable News


SnackableNews is a technology for Native Advertising & Programmatic Distribution on Social Media. Our technology allows us to guarantee the highest CTR of 10% in the world and the lowest possible CPA.

Ceviri Dukkani

Istanbul, Turkey

Think Google translate but a human version. Ceviri Dukkani saves time for both the client’s purchasing and accounting departments as well as the clients themselves. Email traffic is eliminated completely. Client uploads the file, the price and delivery are calculated automatically, and then sent directly to the translator to translate. More than 174 companies are included in our portfolio; Coca Cola, Mercedes, Turkish Airlines and Godiva. Our point is quality of service. We are looking to improve our platform to enter the global market, develop an app, hire more professional translators and increase our marketing.



The arab world’s first marketplace for buying & selling domain names and websites through auctions. Currently, website owners are using forums/social media groups to offer their domains/websites for sale. Unlike other platforms, our marketplace focuses on helping other arabic-centric domains and websites with a strong supply of buyers and sellers. We make money through commissions, featured listings, and listing fees.



Platform where amateur video gamers can create or join an online tournament in a online video game and earn money by doing it. We are building a completely new ecosystem where every game will have opportunity to earn money while playing games!



InteraCta aspires to completely redefine how people engage with Media content, Advertisements or with any other InteraCta-enabled environment (TV screens, Concerts, Shopping Malls, classrooms, etc.). However, our immediate focus would be on the Television Broadcast. A consumer watching an InteraCta enabled TV show would now be able to receive interactive content, on her smartphone, from the broadcasters or voice her opinions in a Talk Show. We provide an additional domain for broadcasters and advertisers to interact with the audience/market; hence we offer unique value generation capabilities.



We are in the business of grocery mobile coupons & loyalty. This is a huge market globally, but without any solid solution in mobile, due to the complexity of the market (technical integration between brands/retailers/consumer). We have integrated all 3 parties, in a way that makes sense for all of them. We require brands’ & retailers’ minimum effort for them to hook up on our platform, while we make it dead simple for consumers to get offers & real money with 1 tap. We then use all data available to add value for each one of the 3 separately.



PBXDom is a PBX and call center reporting service on the cloud. We collect calls data from your PBX or call center automatically, then analyze and process it and give you numerous detailed reports and real-time dashboards from your company phone activity. We give companies insight into one of their biggest and often overlooked, measures of success.


Jordan is collaboratively edited, free-access, original Arabic content encyclopedia that contains thousands of high quality articles in different categories. is now considered to be the number one free Arabic encyclopedia, targeting hundreds of thousands of readers every day. Since 2012, grew to become one of the top online sources for knowledge and information for Arab users delivering more than 42’000 articles for more than 12 million mouthly visitors.



NetGas solves a problem to buy cooking gas in Brazil, where the client needs to find the dealer that attends the client’s neighborhood. We have a solution that finds a dealer who meets the client’s region, at that time, with the best price and in real time. We are the first web and mobile platform that sells online, accepting payment with credit card and we receive a commission for every sale. Every year Brazil sells 10 billion dollars, 33 million cilinders/month, a market that is 3 times greater than the food delivery and selling all by phone.



Powerful platform for marketing communication through mobile app.

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