Startup Istanbul Challenge: Meet The Selected Startups

Startup Istanbul event offers to the selected startups the opportunity to receive mentorship and training from very experienced mentors, entrepreneurs and investors. The startups will receive 2 days of training. On 1-2nd of October, selected 100 startups will get together at Istanbul and meet best mentors from mainly US and Europe. Every startup will pitch to the mentors and get feedback. 2 full days, startups will get the chance to work with the best mentors. In the end of second day, a special dinner event will be organized for startups and mentors.

The Demo day: On the 3rd of October, 50 selected startups will pitch to the jury at the room full of investors. Only investors are invited to the demo day. In the end, top 15 will be selected for the finals to pitch on the Startup Istanbul stage on 5th of October.

In this series we will introduce to you the 100 selected startups, which will be part of Startup Istanbul 2015 event.


Kiev, Ukraine

TRIPMYDREAM is an online destination metasearch that finds, analyzes and dynamically packages flight + hotel offers. It’s consolidated all the major rational and emotional content for each destination in one place. This one-stop-shop service saves weeks of search for travelers and inspires them to make a choice.


Baku, Azerbaijan

Flapus is the mobile application for sending reminders (flaps) as simple as texting. Recipient receives the flap instantly, but it notifies him at the time defined by sender. For example your wife can send you shopping list anytime during the day, but you will be notified about it exactly on the time when you are about to leave your office. Flapus using your phone number for registration, and takes your existing contacts, so you don’t need to find/add contacts. This app would be free on digital distribution platforms but for getting additional functionality it would require obtaining of premium package.


Cairo, Egypt

PiTalk is the smallest customer service box for startups. It automates self service, support, sales and marketing activities with a tiny portable size at an affordable price. It comes with plug and play applications such as phone booking, telemarketing campaigns and phone surveys. As well as a drag and drop feature to build custom applications. Startups will never miss opportunities using phone booking application and be available 24/7. They can approach potential customers with interactive sales pitches via telemarketing application. We have an experienced team with deep telecommunication expertise acquired by working for the top software and telecommunication companies worldwide.


Istanbul, Turkey

Sinemia membership means unlimited cinema ticket for a fixed monthly fee. Just like a season ticket but for all movie theaters nation wide, including 3D shows. Just open the Sinemia app, check-in in that cinema and use your Sinemia card to get your ticket. – Unlimited Movie – Whenever you want – Wherever you want – With full of pleasant surprises Sinemia app is available for Android & iPhone.


Istanbul, Turkey

Takım Takip (English: Track Your Team) is a location based SaaS platform where you can coordinate with your field teams real time by following the exact locations of your field team members, assigning them location based tasks and chatting with them.


Rabat, Morocco

Scorify is an IT recruitment company providing a new practical technical online Test, throw a SaaS fully automated platform.


Maktabkhooneh provides free online courses from Iran’s top schools and universities such as Sharif university of technology to more than 1.2 million students that has acquired in last 3 years and growing.


Baku, Azerbaijan

Portmanat is an electronic payment service developed for masses to make daily micro payments through web and/or mobile devices. With Portmanat our goal is to transfer the wallet in your pocket to your mobile phone.

OTA Expert

Istanbul, Turkey

OTA Expert is a hospitality business intelligence company, which produces the leading hotel revenue-management technology for analyzing competitors, optimizing prices and maximizing revenue-share of a hotel within the highly-competitive online travel agency (OTA) market with inelastic demand from cost-sensitive customers.

Event You Make

Istanbul, Turkey

Event You Make platform aims to bring a more dynamic and interactive approach in entertainment industry, by integrating crowd-funding specifically in the event planning. Individuals and their peers can now become a key-decision maker in event planning, by showing their commitment to their requested events, not only by social-media shares, but providing a solid funding source.

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