The Importance of Raising The Future Generation of Entrepreneurs

In a world driven by innovation, entrepreneurs must have strong vision and enduring inspiration. Businesses create socially valuable products and entrepreneurship is unconditional example of the competitive atmosphere, created by the aim for rewarding work. Finding the muse to do something revolutionary is easier when we look for it in unexpected and unusual places. Life is the best teacher for successful entrepreneurs and we can learn so much by simply observing what is happening around us.

Most entrepreneurs believe in the power of innovation and want to build the future in a way that will change the world as we know it. But why don’t we focus more on building the future generation of entrepreneurs and start raising the kids to think, act and BE entrepreneurs?

Raising kids to be entrepreneurs is very important for the future of the world. In his TED Talk – Let’s raise kids to be entrepreneurs – Cameron Herold talks about the importance of encouraging the kids to discover their entrepreneurial spirit. Listen to this valuable talk and don’t forget to spread the word on the importance of raising the future generation of entrepreneurs. Enjoy!

─ September 7, 2015