The Most Popular Articles on Startupist for September

Here you can find the top five articles for the past month of September on Startupist and you can enjoy the retrospection of everything important that you need to know about entrepreneurship and your startup venture.

Feeling Lost? Five Things That Will Help You to (Re)Discover Your Entrepreneurship Path

Almost every entrepreneur in some point of their venture feels like they are headed in the wrong direction. That’s right! You are not the only one feeling lost on your way to building a successful business. It is very normal feeling, because we all know how stressful the entrepreneurship world can be, especially for first-time entrepreneurs.

Being an entrepreneur is not always that “awesome” as many people make it sound. Even though “you are your own boss” you have to work twice as hard as everyone else in the company. You have to handle many stressful situations and always have to be on the top of everything that is happening in the company… continue here.

5 Things You Need to Know About Yourself Before You Start Your Own Business

Starting a successful business does not take just a week, your company will not become successful overnight and years may pass until you actually start making profit. I am not telling you this, because I don’t believe in you. Actually, the opposite! The world needs more innovative ideas and products that solve major problems and the key to achieving this is clearly through the power of entrepreneurship.

But before you jump into the world of entrepreneurship, there are some important questions that you need to answer to yourself. These questions are that important, because the answers can determine the future of your venture. Do not waste your time – it is your most valuable asset. Make sure that you know yourself well and that the things you truly want match what you actually are going to do… continue here.

Leadership and Management on Coursera: 7 Online Courses You Shouldn’t Miss

The entrepreneurs are fully responsible for the success or the failure of their companies and they must know that one of their biggest assets is the strong and highly motivated team. Hiring the right people is just not enough, entrepreneurs need to know how to manage, lead, inspire and motivate their employees in order to build strong team with devoted members.

If you really want to become the leader that your startup deserves, but you feel like there is always something that is missing, you are in the right place. Here you can find seven awesome online courses, which will help you to inspire the leader inside you and to improve your management skills… continue here.

Five Awesome Social Media TED Talks Every Entrepreneur Should Watch

Social media presence is essential for small businesses and startups and running successful, easily measurable social media campaigns is very important for building strong user network. But social media can bring to you and your business much more than you expect. Rediscover the power of social media, the opportunities, which the different channels offer to you, and the things you should watch out for with these five awesome TED Talks, dedicated to social media… continue here.

Awesome Growth Hacking Tools #17

In this series, every Friday we will present to you three very useful growth hacking tools, which can help every entrepreneur in their way to achieving startup growth and success.

When back in 2010 Sean Ellis introduced to the world the term “growth hacking”, which is creativity and analytical-thinking oriented marketing technique, created and adjusted to the development of tech startups through growth, everyone was sure that this is the new obsolete approach that startups need to take up… continue here.

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