Awesome Growth Hacking Tools #20

In this series, every Friday we will present to you three very useful growth hacking tools, which can help every entrepreneur in their way to achieving startup growth and success.

When back in 2010 Sean Ellis introduced to the world the term “growth hacking”, which is creativity and analytical-thinking oriented marketing technique, created and adjusted to the development of tech startups through growth, everyone was sure that this is the new obsolete approach that startups need to take up.

But the truth is that entrepreneurs don’t have to rely exclusively on this marketing technique, because growth hacking is not a replacement of the traditional marketing. Both are not self-exclusive and every startup must take under consideration the well-known marketing tips that deserve appropriate attention.


Map your ideas by using the award-winning mind mapping software MindMeister. You are able to use MindMeister for brainstorming, for collaboration with multiple users, to present your ideas and wow the audience. MindMeister is very easy and comfortable to use and works in all types of devices.


How Much to Make an App

How Much to Make an App is an awesome tool, which will help you to calculate how much it will cost you to create the application you have in mind.




Slack is the app that changes the way teams communicate and helps to boost team productivity by making communication very easy.


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