Entrepreneurship and Leadership: Can We Have More Than One True Calling?

On the stage of Startup Istanbul 2015 event Steve Blank said: “Entrepreneurship is not a job, it is a calling”. I can’t agree more! I do believe that entrepreneurship has nothing to do with any regular job, but it requires a lot of work. This is why, if you don’t have the enthusiasm, passion, ambition and motivation to handle all the hard work, all setbacks and failures, you are more likely to give up. But a person can’t give up easily, if the work they do is their true calling in life.

But do we have just one and only one calling in life? Is it possible to have more than one?  In her TED Talk, the artist, career coach, and writer Emilie Wapnick talks about the people, who have more than one calling in their lives and introduces the byword “multipotentialites” to describe them. According to Emilie, there are three multipotentialites super powers and they are as follows: 1. Idea Synthesis: Combining two or more fields and creating something new in the intersection; 2. Rapid learning; 3. Adaptability. Don’t you find these three super powers very similar to the super powers of every successful entrepreneur?


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