Special Interview With Louis Wajeiya, Founder of Nims

The Kenyan startup nims took the first place at Startup Istanbul 2015 Challenge. In a special interview for Etohum, Louis Wajeiya, the founder of nims, answered our questions about Startup Istanbul event and shared what is next for their startup.

Can you introduce your startup to our audience?

nims is a web platform that enables businesses to make fast and secure funds transfers to any mobile device using mobile money. 

Can you share with us your experience at Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference?

It was amazing. Very resourceful with strong, wealthy networks and unparalleled exposure. I and my Co-founder learnt a lot from the mentors.

Which was the most challenging part?

Communication barrier with residents who did not speak English, getting our way around the city was therefore challenging. It would help if Startup Istanbul would consider having a dedicated resident tour guide to help foreigners like myself around.

What did you learn from Startup Istanbul Challenge?

Do not love anything that won’t love you back. That was so profound for me, as I’m a victim of this. We as entrepreneurs tend to fall in love with our ideas that they sometimes blind fold us to death.

What is next for your startup?

Launching and going global. Transforming how businesses transact using mobile money.

Once again: Congratulations to nims!

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