Startup Istanbul 2015: Aurore Belfrage and Teruhide Sato

Aurore Belfrage and Teruhide Sato were part of Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference. In their stage talk, which you can watch in the video below, they talked about the importance of the entrepreneurship ecosystems beyond Silicon Valley, about the “kings” and “queens” in the context of entrepreneurship and about the next expected “big thing”, coming from the emerging markets.  

Aurore Belfrage is Partner & Head of Entrepreneurship and Investment for MENA region at Your Middle East and MD of Busy Bee Venture. She is a tech-geek-entrepreneur, angel investor, startup coach, news junkie, social media marketer, and speechwriter and has personal interest in design and UX.

Aurore started her operational career as a scrap dealer in Stena Metal Group, continuing as Global Online Sales Director at Metro International. She also co-founded Wrapp along with Niklas Zennström (Skype co-founder) and Reid Hoffman (LinkedIn co-founder).

Teruhide Sato is Founder of BEENOS Inc., the largest ecommerce business incubator group in Japan which has the potential and ambition to deliver innovative shopping experience to the online buyers across SEA, Europe and USA. As an Internet, ecommerce and management expert, Sato strongly believes in the power and importance of entrepreneurship.

─ October 15, 2015

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