The Entrepreneurship Mindset: The Power of Reinventing Yourself

There are tremendous amount of reasons why a startup can fail. Some of these failures can be easily predicted; others come as a huge shocker for the founders, the investors and even the customers. Many startups fail because the founders fail to execute well their ideas, to choose the most suitable strategies and business models or to connect with the right people at the right time. The truth is that the personality of the entrepreneur affects the future of the startup more than many of the founders want to believe.

When an entrepreneur faces challenges and failures, it is important to understand well the source of these setbacks, the main reason why this is happening and then to try to connect the problem with the right solution.

We tend to believe that we are perfect and that the world is responsible for our failures: the timing, the people around us, the economy, the team members, the unsupportive family and friends. This is why it is important for many of the startup founders to understand the importance of redefining themselves and to analyze their own personalities. Here you can find three important steps that will help you to easily redefine your personality and will help you to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur.

Take full responsibility for your success and failures

Once you learn that you should take full responsibility for every single thing that is happening to you and your business, things will get much clearer and a lot better. There are things, which we can’t control, things, which don’t depend on us.

The world does not spin around your company. Do not focus and stress about the circumstances, which are out of your reach, and channel this energy to the things, which you can actually change for better, that you can create and implement in the great future of your company.

Look at the past and reevaluate those things, which had happened in your business. Evaluate the past mistakes, the decisions that you have taken, which didn’t turn out to be that great, the failures you faced and try to figure out what works and what does not for you and your company. Be realistic. Have a realistic judgment over the things you have done in the past, learn the lesson, write it down in your journal if you need to, leave the bitter taste behind and move on.

Take action… immediately

Many entrepreneurs tend to delay the important steps that they must take, just because it will make them feel uncomfortable. The more you procrastinate, the more stressful the whole process will become. Every change is uncomfortable; the unknown scares most of the people. In order to overcome these feelings of uncertainty it is time for you to think out of the box, to do something that scares you and to take the things in your own hands. Doing something and failing in it, but knowing that you have given 100% of yourself, is much better experience than doing nothing and thinking about “what if”. So, just do it!

Connect with the right people

When you are in a process of reinventing yourself as an entrepreneur, it is important to look around yourself and analyze the people you spend the most of your time with. The energy, enthusiasm, motivation and eagerness to learn of others can be affecting you as well. It is important to be surrounded with people, who inspire you, motivate you and help you to believe in yourself. If you want to learn more, to grow as a person and as an entrepreneur, to discover new opportunities, to build valuable products, you should be surrounded with people who have the same vision in life. It is important to feel understood and to find the support that you need when it comes to expressing your personality, your ambition, dreams and vision of changing the world as we know it.

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