Watch the Presentation of Morten Lund at Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference

Morten LundChairman Board of Directors of CapitalAid Ltd, was one of the speakers at Startup Istanbul  2015 Conference.

In the past 15 years, Morten Lund, who is Danish serial entrepreneur and venture capitalist, has co-invested and founded more than 100 tech startups, such as Skype,  Maxthon, Zecco and others.

In his stage presentation, Morten Lund talked about the importance of passion in entrepreneurship. He emphasized on the fact that the success of a company pretty much depends on the drive of the founders. With the right drive, even the craziest idea may become successful business, because ideas have no worth, if they are not well executed.

Entrepreneurship advices from Morten Lund:

  1. Be the TEAM with the best DATA.
  2. Dream BIG. Work HARD.
  3. Break the rules.
  4. Be street smart.
  5. Be intelligent.
  6. Sell.
  7. Build fast, build small.

Watch the whole presentation of Morten Lund in the video below and feel free to leave your comment in the comment section.

─ October 14, 2015