Startup Istanbul 2015 Panel: How to Create a Successful Ecosystem in MENA?

On the stage of Startup Istanbul 2015 Conference, Ussal Şahbaz, Tuba Terekli, Hasan Haider, and Ferruh Gürtaş talked about how a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem can be created in MENA region. The panelists discussed the enablers of entrepreneurship, which are formed in four areas: people enablers, related with the education of people and integration of entrepreneurship knowledge; financial enablers, including the VCs, the governmental support and the banks; business enablers, including incubators and accelerators; and environmental enablers, and how these enablers have developed in the MENA region in the past years. Watch the whole panel in the video below and leave your comment in the comment section!

─ November 12, 2015