Three Intranet Tools for Small Businesses

Even though many people think that small businesses do not need intranet, which is a private network, exclusively accessible to the staff of a specific organization, it is always a good idea to try new things that can help you make the collaboration of the team better. All startups are aiming to growth and the expansion of their teams. This, along with the fact that many entrepreneurs work with team members from another locations, increases the need of using intranet software within the company.

Here you can find three popular and very useful intranet tools that will help you to make the communication between your team members better in no time.


Igloo is a great intranet tool that will help you to improve the communication within your team, will encourage better team collaboration and will increase the social workflow in your company.


Honey is one very useful tool that helps all team members, no matter of their location, to feel as an important part of the company, to follow important projects without the constant need to send emails to the whole office stuff and to share big ideas before the next important presentation starts.

Interact Intranet

Interact Intranet is an easy to use intelligence intranet platform that is designed to help the team members to get more work done and to make their communication simpler.

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