Brazilian Startup MelhorEscola.Net offers Scholarships

MelhorEscola.Net is building partnership with schools and offers up to 50% scholarships for students of kindergarten, primary and secondary.

Year-end and in times of crisis, people want to spend less money and thus to close the monthly bills.

Thinking of the families with children enrolled in kindergarten, elementary and secondary education, the MelhorEscola.Net site, accelerated by the Start-up Brazil, is partnering with schools to offering scholarships. The idea is just possible that families are able to enroll their children in the desired school.

Currently parents and students have two options to get a scholarship at MelhorEscola.Net:

1- If the school is already partnership: just see what grants are available and request one. The site asks to be filled in the student data and family income for approval of the bag.

2- If the school is not yet partnership: the parent can still apply for a scholarship through the site and MelhorEscola.Net team will contact the school to see if there is possibility of providing a scholarship.

According to Juliano Souza, one of the founders of the site, acceptance has been very good both by schools and by parents: “Mothers who use the site to get a scholarship just stating the MelhorEscola.Net to other mothers, which shows us that the service is highly rated by customers.

We wish best of lucks to Brazilian start-up, MelhorEscola!

Writer:  Said Murat – Sao Paulo, Brazil –

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