Entrepreneur’s New Year Resolution Checklist: Manage Stress

As the end of another year is approaching, once again the time to evaluate the past twelve months has come. We tend to assess our achievements every December, it is like an unspoken rule, which can be frustrating for many people, but very informative and important process for others. The entrepreneurs, who had faced major challenges through the year, can experience one unpleasant feeling and greet the New Year more stressed than motivated. In this short series, we will focus on three important aspects that can ruin the excitement of running your own business for every entrepreneur – stress, lack of time and losing focus. This week we will talk about stress, precisely how to minimize it and feel calm and relaxed even in the most uncertain times.

Running a startup is very dynamic venture. Entrepreneurship absorbs all of your time and thoughts, all of the attention and even your sleep. It has many challenges and often the hard work and constant stress take over, which leads to complete burnout and physical and mental inability to continue the work process. It is tough and exhausting to run a startup and many entrepreneurs overlook the importance of regular recharging in order to prevent burnout.

Stress has become inseparable part of our everyday lives. With the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, it is impossible to avoid being stressed, but the best thing you can do is to try to learn how to control it. With these three TED Talks you will be able to start looking at stress and the need to deal with it in another, more serious way.

Daniel Levitin: How to stay calm when you know you’ll be stressed

This TED Talk is one of the talks that make you think about the way you act and react in certain situations. It is true that when you are under stress you are not performing at your best. This is why it is important that you stay calm in difficult situations in order to make the best judgment and take better decisions. I know it is not that easy, but not many things that are important are easy. Promise yourself that you will try to stay calm when everything around you screams that you should be stressed and you will probably make every decision and action that you take much more impactful.

Pico Iyer: The art of stillness

Have you ever wondered if it is possible to innovate if you are not constantly surrounded by innovations? Are you losing precious time with focusing on what is happening around you but not on what is happening inside your head? This is the dark side of technology – taking over your time and disturbing your focus. But here is the time to look from another perspective and start valuing the power of disconnecting, to embrace the power of stillness. From the headquarters of Google to Silicon Valley, there are many people, who work on the creation of the technology of the future, believe that stillness is one of the biggest powers that inspire innovation.

Dean Ornish: Your genes are not your fate

If you need another proof that you can actually change the way your brain works and increase your brain power you can relate to this talk.  If you learn to manage stress, if you eat healthier, exercise and make better decisions, you can actually help the forming of new brain cells. Make the healthy living part of your New Year’s resolution and you will be happier and more successful in your ventures.

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