Hasan Aslanoba will be in Startup Turkey 2016

Hasan Aslanoba is one the best on distributing and growing a company. But he didn’t founded his company. He started his career in his father’s company Erikli Water. Some people may think ‘he didn’t take risks’ but thats not true. In his career, he made a two big investment decisions and build Turkey’s biggest factory in the sector. After this successful decisions, Erikli Water became a strong brand.

He take Erikli Water to top in Turkey, with doubled sales compared to closest competitor. In 2012 he decided to invest in internet startups. And he became one of the biggest in this area too. With 50 million dollar capital,  Aslanona Capital aggressively investing startups. In 2014, Hasan Aslanoba won the ”Angel Investor of the Year” prize.

Even people made web sites to his name; Has Aslanoba invested today?

Hasan Aslanoba will be in Startup Turkey 2016!

─ December 12, 2015